Did you know that musicians have a 57% greater chance of suffering with tinnitus than average; or pitch-perception related to hearing loss can compromise the career of a professional musician?

At Athens Hearing and Balance Clinic, we carry a complete line of musicians hearing protection products.

Musicians Earplugs
Standard forms of hearing protection muffle sound and alters pitch. Musician earplugs use a series of filters and membranes to make specific sounds softer without altering the quality.

In-Ear Monitors
Comfortable and made from silicone or acrylic, In-Ear Monitors are custom fit to the musician's ear. This form of hearing protection is used safely listen to music during a live performance or recording studio time.

Schedule an appointment at one of our locations in Livonia, Athens or Monroe, Georgia, and our trained audiologist will help you find the correct form of hearing protection to fit your musical needs.