Dizziness and equilibrium disorders, such as vertigo and motion intolerance, are linked to the vestibular system, which is located near the cochlea within the inner ear. Those conditions increase your risk of falls and negatively affect your health and quality of life.

At Athens Hearing & Balance Clinic, Dr. G’Anne Thomas, our experienced Doctor of Audiology, is the most qualified professional in the Athens, Monroe and Lavonia, Georgia areas to identify the cause of these balance disorders.

Dr. Thomas works closely with your physician and trained vestibular physical therapists in northeast Georgia to make sure you find level ground. Treatment of vertigo or motion intolerance at Athens Hearing Center includes a physical examination to determine the cause of dizziness, with medication and physical rehabilitation as possible options for treatment.

Is your life out of balance? Contact us to schedule an appointment. We've been providing hearing evaluations, hearing aids, tinnitus treatment and the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness disorders to patients in Athens, Monroe and Lavonia, Georgia since 2003.