Do you have hearing aids but find that you’re still struggling to hear conversations in crowded areas? Is telephone communication often a challenge? Do you have a child who has sensorineural hearing loss in both ears? The audiology professionals at Athens Hearing and Balance Clinic, with three locations in northeast Georgia, may be able to offer different solutions to your hearing problems.

Cochlear implants may be an additional audiology option for people, ages 14 months and up, who haven’t benefitted as much as they hoped from hearing aids, or for those who wish to choose an alternate route to better hearing.

Cochlear implants don’t amplify sound like hearing aids; they are a state-of-the-art electronic device that provides auditory sensation that is implanted surgically to bypass the damaged organ provide direct electrical stimulation to the auditory nerve within the inner ear (or cochlea).
Candidacy for this audiology procedure is based on several factors:

  • Results of certain audiometric tests, especially speech recognition testing.
  • The severity of hearing loss- best suited for those with severe to profound hearing loss in both ears.
  • The age of the patient.
  • Whether language skills had been developed prior to hearing loss.
  • Patient has had limited benefit from hearing aids.
  • Patient is in good overall health.
  • Patient is willing to work with professionals in aural rehabilitation and speech development. 
  • Patients/families have realistic expectations.

Are you in Athens, Monroe, Lavonia or the surrounding areas in northeast Georgia and are wondering if cochlear implants will benefit you or a loved one? Our audiology experts at Athens Hearing and Balance Clinic will evaluate you and help determine whether or not cochlear implants are an option.

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