The sophistication and ingenuity that has gone into aiding those with hearing impairments have transformed lives in wonderful ways, and the Hearing Loop system has benefits hearing aid wearers have come to appreciate.

A hearing loop is a wire that circles a room and is connected to a sound system. The loop transmits the sound electromagnetically. The electromagnetic signal is then picked up by the telecoil (wireless antenna) in the hearing aid or cochlear implant. With this setup, a wire is placed around the perimeter of a specific area such as a large meeting room or church as well as smaller service counters. The hearing loop consists of a microphone to pick up spoken word; an amplifier then processes the signal which is sent through the loop cable making sound clearer for those wearing a hearing device.

Some advantages of the hearing loop include:

  • The number of system users on the loop system is virtually unlimited,
  • Listeners may use the hearing aids they own, and no additional devices are needed.
  • Users do not have to publicize their need by using headphones.

Whether in a crowded venue or personal one on one contacts, this system has allowed social encounters that were once frustrating and to be avoided more tolerable and even enjoyable.

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