At Athens Hearing and Balance Clinic, with locations in Athens, Monroe and Lavonia, Georgia, we believe that knowledge is power. By thoroughly understanding your hearing loss, and the options available, the more informed you’ll be to make the right decision regarding a solution.
We’ll use the results of your hearing evaluations, along with information you’ve provided about your lifestyle, listening challenges, and budget to find the best hearing aids for your hearing and cosmetic needs.
With the recent advances in hearing aid technology, devices vary greatly in style, features, and capabilities. We carry a full range of hearing aids from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Oticon Hearing Aids – These hearing aids range from entry level to advanced, with a wide range of features, styles and color options. Some of the Oticon devices we carry: 

Siemens – Available with styles and features for any age and any degree of hearing loss. Some of the Siemens hearing aids we carry:

  • iMini – Individually crafted, discreet and enables excellent hearing in most situations. Suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • Insio – Tiny, comfortable, with natural sound quality. Available in multiple styles.
  • Eclipse – Extremely comfortable fit, easy to wear, offers natural hearing experience.
  • Ace – Smallest Siemens devices available, offers unprecedented clarity, helps with tinnitus management.
  • Pure Carat – Small, powerful, versatile. Features tinnitus noiser and is suitable for all ranges of hearing loss.
  • Motion – Offers superb sound with extreme comfort. Capable of fitting any ear, any age group and any degree of hearing loss.

Phonak – Broad range of devices for all levels of hearing loss, designed to improve communication in every situation. Some of the Phonak hearing aids we offer:

  • Milo and Milo Plus – Affordable entry-level hearing aids, available in three models, accommodating to all degrees of hearing loss.

The Q Series

  • Audéo Q – Offers leading performance and is available in three discreet models.
  • Bolero Q – Ideal for active lifestyles, available in a range of styles, including a model that is water and dust resistant.
  • Virto Q – Range in size from small to virtually undetectable. Available in a variety of performance levels and color options.
  • Naída Q – Designed for those with severe hearing loss to for improvement in the most difficult listening environments, available in a range of styles and colors. All models are dust and water resistant.

Lyric devices, from Phonak, are the first 100% invisible, extended-wear hearing aids that can be worn around the clock, for about four months at a time, and don’t require any maintenance. Find out how this revolutionary hearing aid can change your life without changing how you live. 

Athens Hearing and Balance Clinic has been providing patients in northeast Georgia with comprehensive hearing health care and quality hearing aids since 2003. We’re dedicated to finding the right solution for your unique needs. You’ll find our three conveniently-located offices in Athens, Monroe and Lavonia.