2014-02-11 14.40.20Discover the latest in digital hearing aid technology.

Athens Hearing and Balance Clinic, serving patients in the Athens, Monroe and Lavonia, Georgia communities, is excited to offer the latest advancement in hearing aids.

Apple has collaborated with hearing aid manufacturers, such as GN ReSound, to create Made for iPhone (MFi) hearing aids.

These new hearing aids use newly designed Bluetooth technology to make cell phone communication for the hearing impaired easier than ever before.

The ReSound LiNX will pair with your Apple iPhone, or other iOS device, to become an audio source wherever and whenever you need it.


Some of the benefits include:

  • The ability to discreetly control and personalize your hearing aid directly from your cell phone with the ReSound Smart App.
  • Environmental presets, through the Geotagging feature, you’re able to customize sound levels and preferences based on your environment. Walking into a busy restaurant? With just a simple touch on your cell phone, you can adjust your hearing aid to allow you to hear clearer.
  • You can check your battery level; change the volume, with the slide of your finger.
  • With the Live Listen feature, the microphone picks up the sound source and makes conversations easier.
  • Seamless streaming of phone calls, FaceTime video calls, music and movies come alive with natural, exception sound quality.

Don’t wait. Hear what you’ve been missing with this breakthrough technology, optimizing cell phones and “smart” hearing aids offering you the best in communication at Athens Hearing & Balance Clinic.

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